O país dos tenentes

Tells the story, through episodes ranging from the 1920's to the present day, of a man so consumed by duty that his private life is empty.

17th Nov


Director: José Joffily Writer: Regina Zappa Actor(s): Frei Beto, Tessy Callado, Carlos Heitor Cony Production Co.: Biscoito Filmes Country:...

17th Nov

32, a guerra civil

Documentary about the insurgency that took place in São Paulo, Brazil in 1932 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

21st Oct

35, o assalto ao poder

Documentary about three insurgency attempts that took place in different Brazilian cities during 1935 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

02nd Oct

Abdias Nascimento: memória negra

This documentary film tells the story of Abdias Nascimento, black activist, whose work and political activities throughout the twentieth century are essential for the understanding of the importance of blacks in Brazilian society.

26th Sep

O dono da bola

21st Jun