Leon Hirszman

Box set includes Eles não usam black-tie and ABC da greve and other documentaries by Hirszman.

17th Apr
Leon Hirszman

Escolas de Samba

A documentary of Rio's Carnival.

11th Apr

O velho: a história de Luís Carlos Prestes

Director: Toni Ventúri Writer: Toni Ventúri Actor(s): Narrator, Paulo José Production Co.:  Versátil Home Video Country:...

07th Apr

Memória do cangaço

Shows the different types of weapons used by the notorious outlaw, Lampião, and others during the 1930s.

13th Feb

Um só coração

Uses fictionalized historic characters to tell the story of history and the development of Sao Paulo, Brazil between 1922 and 1954.

12th Feb

Nós que aqui estamos, por vós esperamos

Great themes that have shaped the century are shown: wars, industrial development, and modern art.

04th Feb