35, o assalto ao poder

Documentary about three insurgency attempts that took place in different Brazilian cities during 1935 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

02nd Oct

Abdias Nascimento: memória negra

This documentary film tells the story of Abdias Nascimento, black activist, whose work and political activities throughout the twentieth century are essential for the understanding of the importance of blacks in Brazilian society.

26th Sep

Os inconfidentes

Dramatization of the ill-fated plotting of a coup d'état by a group of Brazilian military officers, poets and intellectuals and their failed attempt to overthrow the Portuguese Crown and establish a Brazilian Independent Republic in 1789, inspired by Rousseau and the success of the American Revolution.

28th Jul

Amazônia: de Galvez a Chico Mendes

A miniseries presented on TV Globo from January to April 2007; it recounts the history of Acre and its peoples through its struggles.

28th Jul

Garota enxuta

Director: J. B. Tanko Writers: Chico Anysio, Herbert Richers Actors: Ankito, Grande...

21st Jun

O dono da bola

21st Jun