Epopéia euclydeacreana

History of Acre and its people through the eyes of one of the major Brazilian writers of the 20th century, Euclydes da Cunha.

18th May

História brasileira da infâmia

Documentary film about Brazil during the 16th century focusing on relations between European settlers and the native people of the area.

18th May

Borracha para a vitória

Documentary on the second cycle of rubber and redemption of debt of the Brazilian state to thousands of farmers from the Northeastern section, most being from Ceará.

18th May

O massacre de Alto Alegre

This documentary flects on the physical and symbolic violence perpetrated by the Brazilian state against the Tenehar/Guajajara people, who believed role of the Catholic Church as to civilize and integrate the Indians into the national life.

18th May

Contos da terra sagrada

Documentary presenting a contemporary look at three remaining indigenous groups in the state of Paraná, Brazil: the Guaranis, the Kaigangs, and the Xetás.

18th May

Nenê Macaggi

The documentary presents the regional culture of Roraima and the relationship between ranchers, miners and indigenous people through work and life of Nene Macaggi, journalist who opted for life in the then territory of Rio Branco in the 1940s.

11th May