Celeste & Estrela

Paulo Estrela, a film critic, is waiting at the airport. There he meets a receptionist, a novice filmmaker, who found Paulo's course in film very rewarding. The two discuss his plans to debut as a director of long films.

26th Sep

Chega de saudade

"In an old-time dance hall (the "gafieira") in São Paulo, one evening is all it takes to meet different characters as they remember the past, live the present, wonder about the future, have fun, flirt, fight and, naturally, dance"--IMDb plot.

26th Sep

Cão sem dono

The unemployed Ciro has a dull life in a simple apartment with a nameless stray dog that he had found on the streets.

26th Sep

O primo Basílio

Arriving from London, Basílio falls in love with his cousin Luísa, in Lisbon. But he must go to Brazil, promising he will eventually marry her.

25th Sep

Primo Basílio

Luísa is married to Jorge. Her childhood love, cousin Basílio, arrives on the scene, and they have an affair, with tragic consequences.

25th Sep

O corpo

"Xavier, a pharmacist, lives peacefully in bigamy with his two women, Carmen and Beatriz, but the harmony breaks down when they find he has another lover, Monique, a nightclub dancer"--IMDb plot.

08th Aug