Floradas na serra

"Man and woman fall in love while in treatment for TB, in the beautiful town of Campos do Jordão, Brazil"--IMDb plot.

30th Jul


"Laura goes to Buenos Aires and falls for the photographer Guilherme. When she returns to Brazil, her homeland, she discovers Guilherme is actually her fiancé's best friend"--IMDb summary.

28th Jul

Udju azul di Yonta (The blue eyes of Yonta)

Udju Azul di Yonta offers a portrait of the disillusionment of the revolutionary generation in Guinea-Bissau and the vibrant, if unintended society which developed after independence in 1973.

27th Jun

Pintando o sete

Catito, a clown, manages to flee a forced marriage, by hiding inside Dr. Cláudio's car trunk. In Rio de Janeiro, his host forces him to impersonate the famous painter Picansô, to impress his girlfriend Sílvia's friends.

21st Jun

A moreninha

Carolina invites some old friends to her house on Paquetá Island in order to find her childhood love.

21st Jun


In Rio de Janeiro, the actresses of forty and something years Diana, Isabel, Eugênia and Babi reunite to write a play about their life experience.

20th Jun