Contra todos

A story about the lies, treachery and vengeance of a middle-class family living on the outskirts of São Paulo. Four characters try desperately to change their lives, but are unable to escape their destiny.

09th Apr

Lição de amor

A German governess is hired to give German and piano lessons to the teenager son of a rich traditional family, in the 20s.

09th Apr

Lua cheia

Director(s): Alain Fresnot Writer(s): Isa Castro, Fernando Coni Campos, Alain Fresnot Actor(s): Lima Duarte, Otávio...

08th Apr

5 fracões de uma quase história

In the first story, a photographer with a foot fetish plans to find a job involving his obsession, but has problems finding the ideal model.

05th Apr

O Guarani

In 17th century Brazil, a family of colonists and their patriarch, Dom Antônio, live in a fortress near the territory of the native Aimoré tribe.

02nd Apr

Sinhá Moça

Young people in the State of São Paulo fight against black slavery. Against this backdrop, Sinhá Moça falls in love with a young lawyer.

16th Feb