Casseta & Planeta: a taça do mundo é nossa!

A parody by the comedy group Casseta & Planeta about a dark period in Brazilian history - the dictatorship years 1964-1984.

12th Feb

Nelson Freire: um filme sobre um homem e sua música

Documentary about Brazilian pianist Nelson Freire and his relationship with music.

12th Feb

Ópera do Malandro

A hoodlum in World War II-era Brazil is busy pursuing the American dream, until he falls in love.

28th Jan

Tônica dominante

Compares the two art forms of film and music. Contains little dialogue, but a great deal of music and imagery.

22nd Jan

Ó paí, ó

During the Carnival in the historical site of Pelourinho (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil), we follow the lives of the tenants of a tenement house.

20th Jan

Dona Flor e seus dois maridos

A beautiful young woman marries a very erotic man who is a horrible husband.

12th Jan