TV pirata

Various episodes of the popular Brazilian television comedy series.

11th Apr

Irmãos de Fé

Priest Marcelo Rossi visits a juvenile correction center, and gives Paulo, one of the interns, a Bible. He starts reading the story of St. Paul.

11th Apr

Sob nova direção

Director(s): Maruro Farias, Roberto Farias Writer(s): Maruro Farias, Roberto Farias Actor(s):  Heloísa Périssé, Ingrid Guimarães, Luiz Carlos Tourinho, Luis...

11th Apr

De passagem

Story about two friends who grew up together in the slums of São Paulo and the different paths their lives have taken.

09th Apr

Magda Tagliaferro: o mundo dentro de um piano

Director:  Norma Bengell Writer(s): N/A Actor(s): N/A Production Co.: RIOFILME Country: Brazil Year: 2004...

07th Apr

Eder Jofre: O grande campeão

Director: Beto Duarte Writer(s): N/A Actor(s): Eder Jofre, Orlando Duarte Production Co.: Musart music...

07th Apr