And above us the indifference of the stars. It is this indifference that makes us search for love. The writer Pia and the painter Gil live by the Rio Negro deep in the Amazon jungle.

21st Oct


Documentary about the life of truck drivers in Brazil. Includes interviews with more than 20 truck drivers.

02nd Oct

Central da periferia

Regina Casé takes a looks at music from different parts of Brazil. Bands who's songs do not play on the radio but survive even without the support of the media.

08th Aug

Vinho de rosas

When a young woman raised in a convent discovers she is the daughter of Tiradentes and that her mother is still alive, she decides to change her destiny and leave the convent to search for her mother.

08th Aug

Floradas na serra

"Man and woman fall in love while in treatment for TB, in the beautiful town of Campos do Jordão, Brazil"--IMDb plot.

30th Jul

Baixio das bestas

In the countryside of Pernambuco, in a small village nearby a sugarcane plantation and an alcohol plant, the despicable and cheap Heitor abuses his sixteen year-old granddaughter Auxiliadora, submitting her to slavery and humiliations during the days, and every now and then exposing her naked body to truck drivers in a gas station in the night to raise additional money.

28th Jul