Amazônia: de Galvez a Chico Mendes

A miniseries presented on TV Globo from January to April 2007; it recounts the history of Acre and its peoples through its struggles.

28th Jul

Paixão de gaúcho

In 1836 Brazil, a hawker arrives in a small village in the State of Rio Grande do Sul to avenge the death of a friend.

13th Jun

Cala a Boca, Etelvina

Director: Eurides Ramos Writer(s): Armando Gonzaga, Victor Lima Actor(s): Dercy Gonçalves, Manoel Vieira, Humberto Catalano, Paulo...

05th May

Um pé de quê?

Fifteen episodes from the Brazilian television series "Um pé de quê? ", that talks about trees and plants from different parts of Brazil.

04th May

O homem da capa preta

Director: Sérgio Rezende Writer(s): Sérgio Rezende, Tairone Feitosa, José Louzeiro Actor(s): José...

01st May


Mutum means mute. Mutum is a black bird that sings at night. It's also the name of a remote place in the Brazilian hinterland, where Thiago lives with his family.

25th Apr