Do mulungu ao tiridá

The video goes deep in the revelation of all secrets of the "mamulengueiros."

13th Feb
Do mulungu ao tiridá

Iracema, uma transa amazônica

Recounts the adventures of Iracema, a 14-year-old Indian girl, who leaves her village to discover life in the big city.

11th Feb

Soluços e soluções

A drunken after-work conversation between friends leads to a grand scheme to alleviate the drought conditions in the northeast of Brazil.

03rd Feb

Árido movie

Weatherman from a TV channel in Sa̋o Paulo goes back to his arid hometown in Rocha in northeastern Brazil to attend his father's funeral.

22nd Jan

A máquina

Karina has 2 dreams: to become an actress & to see the world. Antonio is in love with her.

22nd Jan

Memorial de Maria Moura

In 19th century Brazil, women depended upon family, honour, and land. Maria loses all of these when she is only 17 years old.

20th Jan