Tesouro perdido

Director: Humberto Mauro Writer: Humberto Mauro Actor(s): Máximo Serrano, Bruno Mauro, Lola...

13th Dec

Ganga bruta

A man murders his wife on their honeymoon night, after discovering that she is not a virgin.

05th Dec

O descobrimento do Brasil

Restored version of The Discovery of Brazil with new musical accompaniment.

28th Nov

Canção da primavera

A story of love triangles and arranged marriages set in 19th century Minas Gerais.

24th Jun


A surrealistic work dealing with the conflicts raised by the human condition.

22nd Jun

A filha do advogado

Successful lawyer Dr. Paulo asks a close friend to bring his illegitimate daughter Heloísa to Recife.

22nd Jun