A cura

Director(s): Ricardo Waddington, Gustavo Fernandez Writer(s): João Emanuel Carneiro, Marcos Bernstein Actor(s): Selton Mello, Andréia Horta, Juca de...

15th Aug


In the mid-1970's, right-wing military dictatorships gained political power in much of South America. With the military and financial support of the United States, they put together a special intelligence unit to help put down leftist resistance groups that were growing among the disenchanted citizens in their countries.

15th Aug

Se nada mais der certo

Three people in São Paolo have big problems. A journalist loses his job, can't pay the rent, and owes back taxes. His roommate is a clinically depressed sexually ambiguous drug addict with a kid.

15th Aug

Era Vargas

Director: Eduardo Escorel Writer(s): N/A Actor(s): N/A Production Co.: Tatu Filmes Country: Brazil Year: 1990...

15th Aug

A falta que me faz

: In the Espinhaço Mountains one winter, a group of small-town Brazilian girls are coming to the end of their adolescence. Impossible romances link them with men from the outside, leaving marks on their bodies and the surrounding landscape.

15th Aug

Os inquilinos

In a poor community close to a slum in São Paulo, hard-working Valter raises his son Diogo and his daughter Fernanda with his wife Iara in the house built by his family.

13th Aug