O alienista e as aventuras de um barnabé

A story about madness, scientism and power. O alienista. A story of a public servant that loses favor in Brasilía and ends up in a city in the interior of the country. As aventuras de um barnabe.

08th Aug

O aborto dos outros

"A film about borderline maternity, the wrenching decisions made by Brazilian women faced with unwanted or difficult pregnancies in a society where most abortions are illegal." --www.oabortodosoutros.com.br

22nd Apr

Dias e noites

"In 1945, the teenager Clotilde is a rebel in the conservative countryside of Rio Grande do Sul."-- IMDb.

08th Apr

Casa da mãe Joana

Four roommates who think only of partying, women and shirking work get a big surprise one day, an eviction notice.

05th Apr

Atabaque Nzinga

Documentary film about Afro-Brazilian culture through music.

05th Apr

Ó paí, ó

Brazilian TV series based on the homonymous feature film.

30th Mar