Boca do lixo

Cláudia Toledo (Silvia Pfeifer), a sex symbol actress, sees her career dwindling, but she feels lucky when the rich man Henrique Ribeiro falls for her charms and marries her.

13th Aug

Uns braços

Director: Adolfo Rosenthal Writer(s): Adolfo Rosenthal, Wilson Rocha Actor(s): Ana Petta, Antonio Moraes, Celso Frateschi...

03rd Dec

Primo Basílio

Luísa is married to Jorge. Her childhood love, cousin Basílio, arrives on the scene, and they have an affair, with tragic consequences.

25th Sep

O vestido

Ulisses has failed in his professional life, but leads a happy life with his wife Ângela and their two daughters

13th Jun

Duas vezes com Helena

Director: Mauro Farias Writer: Melanie Dimantas Actor(s): Fábio Assunção, Christine Fernandes, Carlos...

01st May

O corpo ardente

When a women finds her husband cheating on her, she decides to do the same in retaliation.

23rd Dec