A documentary-style film with fiction, a movie about loving relations involving some form of violence.

30th Aug

Um só coração

Uses fictionalized historic characters to tell the story of history and the development of Sao Paulo, Brazil between 1922 and 1954.

12th Feb

Chico Xavier

A biography of spiritual medium and author Francisco Candido Xavier.

10th Feb

Engraçadinha: seus amores e seus pecados

Tales set in the 1940s of the loves and sorrows of Engraçadinha, the beautiful daughter of an affluent politician.

28th Jan

Brava gente

Includes four episodes from the Brazilian television series.

21st Jan

Sonhos roubados

Jessica, Sabrina and Daiane live in the periphery of Rio de Janeiro and find in prostitution a way to survive and satisfy their consumer desires.

20th Jan