Esses moços

Two girls run away from a small town to Salvador, where they live by begging for change. They meet an old man named Diomedes who was attacked and has lost his memory.

15th Aug

Atabaque Nzinga

Documentary film about Afro-Brazilian culture through music.

05th Apr

Festive land: Carnaval in Bahia

The meaning of the carnival in Bahia, Brazil, is interpreted and explained by performers and academics.

13th Feb

Tenda dos milagres

Director: Paulo Afonso Grisolli

13th Jan

Eu me lembro: voce nao vai esquecer

The memories of Guiga, from early childhood to young adulthood: his family, relatives, friends, fears, dreams and reality.

29th Dec

Pierre Fatumbi Verger: mensageiro entre dois mundos

This documentary reveals the reciprocal cultural influences between Brazil and the region of Benin and Nigeria in Africa.

27th Dec