Maria, mãe do filho de Deus

Director(s): Moacyr Góes Writer(s): Marta Borges, Thiego Balteiro,  Moacyr Góes Actor(s): Luigi Baricelli, Giovanna Antonelli Production...

07th Apr

A casa das sete mulheres

Seven women living in agricultural Brazil during the revolutionary war of 1835 undergo their own trials as they wait for their men to return.

16th Feb

Chico Xavier

A biography of spiritual medium and author Francisco Candido Xavier.

10th Feb


A year after her boyfriend showed up at his surprise birthday party with an uninvited date, Laura hits rock bottom and tries her luck at a dating agency.

16th Dec


José Costa, a Brazilian ghostwriter, attends a conference abroad and finds himself waylaid in Budapest.

13th Dec

A cartomante

After an overdose, Camilo is treated by his friend, Vilela, and falls in love with Rita, Vilela's fiancée.

29th Nov