O maior amor do mundo

A Brazilian astrophysicist who has spent most of his adult life in America returns to his home country.

21st Jun

Casa da mãe Joana

Four roommates who think only of partying, women and shirking work get a big surprise one day, an eviction notice.

05th Apr

Histórias de amor duram apenas 90 minutos

An aspiring author tries to juggle two girlfriends at the same time.

21st Jan


This Brazilian film is set during the period of its initial colonial discovery and settlement.

27th Dec

Mauá: o imperador e o rei

A historical epic about Irineu Evanelista de Souza, the Visconde de Mauá, one of the business titans of 19th century Brazil.

26th Dec

Chorinhos e chorões

Director: Antônio Carlos da Fontaura

18th Dec