Bela noite para voar

The presidency of Juscelino Kubitschek was a time of great political optimism for Brazil.

13th Apr

O menino da porteira

Set in Brazil in the 1950s, a cowboy named Diogo meets and befriends a young boy, Rodrigo, who wants to be a cowboy.

17th Nov

O Cineasta da Selva

This film tells the story of Silvino Santos, pioneer filmmaker of the Amazon.

04th Apr

O Guarani

In 17th century Brazil, a family of colonists and their patriarch, Dom Antônio, live in a fortress near the territory of the native Aimoré tribe.

02nd Apr

A casa das sete mulheres

Seven women living in agricultural Brazil during the revolutionary war of 1835 undergo their own trials as they wait for their men to return.

16th Feb

Anos dourados

Mini series depicting how was life in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s, and the difficult romantic relationships among young people.

20th Jan