A Rainha Diaba

In Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, the homosexual drug dealer lord Rainha Diaba decides to find a scapegoat to save his lover from the jail for traffic with students.

02nd Jun

As confissões de Frei Abóbora

31st May

Rei do Rio

Director: Fábio Barreto Writer(s): Fábio Barreto, Jorge Durán, Dias Gomes (novel) Actor(s): Nuno Leal Maia, Nelson...

24th Apr


A father and son compete for the love of a woman, Soledade, during the harsh social conditions of the 1930's in Brazil.

18th Apr

Chico Xavier

A biography of spiritual medium and author Francisco Candido Xavier.

10th Feb

Sonhos roubados

Jessica, Sabrina and Daiane live in the periphery of Rio de Janeiro and find in prostitution a way to survive and satisfy their consumer desires.

20th Jan