35, o assalto ao poder

Documentary about three insurgency attempts that took place in different Brazilian cities during 1935 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

02nd Oct

Jogo Duro

In Pacaembu, one of the most aristocratic neighborhoods in São Paulo, an empty house is used as a shelter for a homeless mother and her daughter.

04th May

Doida demais

Director: Sérgio Rezende Writer(s): Jorge Durán, Sergio Rezende Actor(s): Vera Fischer, Manfredo...

01st May

Casa da mãe Joana

Four roommates who think only of partying, women and shirking work get a big surprise one day, an eviction notice.

05th Apr

Incidente em Antares

In 1963, in the fictitious city of Antares in South of Brazil, the workers decide to strike, fighting for better salaries and working conditions.

11th Feb

Engraçadinha: seus amores e seus pecados

Tales set in the 1940s of the loves and sorrows of Engraçadinha, the beautiful daughter of an affluent politician.

28th Jan