O velho: a história de Luís Carlos Prestes

Director: Toni Ventúri Writer: Toni Ventúri Actor(s): Narrator, Paulo José Production Co.:  Versátil Home Video Country:...

07th Apr

Mauá: o imperador e o rei

A historical epic about Irineu Evanelista de Souza, the Visconde de Mauá, one of the business titans of 19th century Brazil.

26th Dec

A opinião pública

Documentary about middle-class people in Rio de Janeiro, in the sixties, coping with Brazil's military coup and the following dictatorship.

26th Dec


Recounts the last twelve years of the life of Captain Carlos Lamarca, a marxist guerrilla struggling to topple the Brazilian military regime.

23rd Dec

O homem de Areia

A documentary on the life and works of José Américo de Almeida during one of the most extraordinary periods in the history of Brazil.

22nd Dec

Sobre anos 60

A brief documentary about the 1960's in Brazil.

16th Dec
Sobre anos 60