Carandiru, outras histórias

Stories inspired by characters from the film Carandiru, based on the book Estação Carandiru by Drauzio Varella.

20th Jan

Depois daquele baile

Dóris is a widow and keeps a small restaurant in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Two of her customers start competing for her affection.

28th Dec

Mauá: o imperador e o rei

A historical epic about Irineu Evanelista de Souza, the Visconde de Mauá, one of the business titans of 19th century Brazil.

26th Dec

O dia da caça

In this crime thriller set in the Amazon region of Brazil, a former drug dealer is forced back into business by a corrupt policeman.

23rd Dec


Recounts the last twelve years of the life of Captain Carlos Lamarca, a marxist guerrilla struggling to topple the Brazilian military regime.

23rd Dec

Quem matou Pixote?

Depicts the poverty and injustice that still controls the destiny of the street children of Brazilian slums.

16th Dec