Léo e Bia

Director: Oswaldo Montenegro Writer: Oswaldo Montenegro Actor(s): Pedro Caetano, Emilio Dantas, Paloma Duarte Production Co.: Copacabana Filmes...

30th Aug

Flavio Rangel: o teatro na palma da mão

Director: Paola Prestes Writer: Paola Prestes Actor(s): N/A Production Co.: Biscoito Fino Country: Brazil Year: 2009...

17th Nov

A mochila do mascate: Gianni Ratto, um homem de teatro no cinema

Documentary about the scenographer and stage director Gianni Ratto, born in Italy in 1916 and settled in Brazil since 1954.

30th Jul


Two actors fall in love while re-enacting the theatrical work "Tristão e Isolda".

21st Jan


Director: Eduardo Coutinho Writer: Eduardo Coutinho Actor(s): N/A Production Co.: Petrobras Country: Brazil Year: 2009...

13th Dec

Som & Fúria

The lives of a Shakespearian theatre group and their struggles to organize the production of 'Hamlet'.

25th Nov