Documentary about a music education program for young people from poor communities of Rio de Janeiro.

30th Aug

Pan-cinema permanente

Documentary film about the late poet Waly Salamão.

17th Nov

O caso dos irmãos Naves

The innocent brothers are wrongly accused of a crime by a corrupt and violent police officers and are forced to face the injustices of the Brazilian penal system.

17th Nov


Acompanha a trajetória de jovens com menos de 18 anos de idade diante da lei

08th Oct

Wood & Stock

Director: Otto Guerra Writer(s): Angeli (story), Rodrigo John Actor(s): Júlio Andrade, José Vitor Castiel, Michele Frantz Production Co.: VideoFilmes Country:...

30th Jul

Os inconfidentes

Dramatization of the ill-fated plotting of a coup d'état by a group of Brazilian military officers, poets and intellectuals and their failed attempt to overthrow the Portuguese Crown and establish a Brazilian Independent Republic in 1789, inspired by Rousseau and the success of the American Revolution.

28th Jul