High-frequency core and winding loss IEMDC plenary

copy of the slides from this IEDMC plenary presentation is now available, with references for each topic added.

This presentation includes information on:

  • When high-frequency loss effects become important in windings.
  • Alternatives for modeling and optimizing windings, and when they apply.
  • Alternatives for modeling core losses.

The information is from work in the field of inductor and transformer design for power electronics, and is targeted at a machine design audience, but is useful for high-frequency power transformer and inductor design as well.

Here is a pdf of the slides with references.


One thought on “High-frequency core and winding loss IEMDC plenary

  1. Dear Dr. Sullivan,

    Very nice to meet you in the IEMDC 2013 conference. I was impressed by your presentation about the core losses and winding losses on Monday morning. This is a really excellent presentation.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Peng Zhang
    Ph.D. candidate at Marquette University

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