2020 Candidate Profiles

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Democratic Candidates

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Joseph Biden, Delaware’s longest-serving senator, was first elected in 1972, at age 29 (he reached the constitutional age of 30 by the time he took office); he has spent most of his life as a senator. Biden grew up in the suburbs of Wilmington in a middle-class home; his father was a car salesman and one grandfather was a… (Click here for full profile.)

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker

Ever since Democrat Cory Booker, New Jersey’s junior senator, arrived on Capitol Hill, the question has been when, not if, the telegenic former Rhodes scholar would run for president. So, there was little surprise when, after visiting two dozen states during the 2018 election cycle, Booker launched a White House… (Click here for full profile.)

California Sen. Kamala Harris

Not long after she was first elected as San Francisco’s district attorney in 2004, Kamala Harris raised money for a young Democratic state senator named Barack Obama, then embarking on a Senate campaign half a continent away in Illinois. Harris and Obama not only shared backgrounds as the children of… (Click here for full profile.)

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar

When Democrat Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota’s senior senator, declared for her party’s presidential nomination in February 2019, it presented a marked contrast with three female Democratic colleagues — California’s Kamala Harris, Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren and New York’s Kirsten Gillibrand — who had… (Click here for full profile.)

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke

Democrat Beto O’Rourke, a sort of preppy Anglo and former El Paso city councilman, won this heavily Latino district in 2012. He worked on military and immigration issues that are vital locally and he was successful in gaining bipartisan opportunities in the Republican-controlled House. O’Rourke settled… (Click here for full profile.)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders

In late 2013, when independent Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s junior senator, introduced “Medicare for All” legislation, he did so without a single co-sponsor. When Sanders again introduced the bill–which calls for private health insurance to be supplanted by a government-run single-payer plan–in late 2017… (Click here for full profile.)

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Democrat Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts’ senior senator, occupies the seat held for nearly half a century by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Just as the traditional liberal wing of the Democratic Party long looked to Kennedy for leadership and inspiration, progressive activists working to push the party to the left… (Click here for full profile.)

Republican Candidates

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