Ecology and Law

Richard Brooks, Vermont Law School and Adjunct in Dartmouth Environmental Studies, and I have formed an ongoing research collaboration to examine the coevolution of the relationships between the discipline of ecology and the field of environmental law. Our interests led to the Ecology and Law in Modern Society Book Series published by Ashgate, which we co-edit.

This series presents a legal and ecological perspective on important environmental issues such as declining biodiversity and the ecological significance of endangered species, the effects of pollution on natural and managed systems, the ecology of fragile ecosystems (mountains) and the effects of pollution on ecosystem services.

The list of books in this series includes:

  • Law and Ecology, The Rise of the Ecosystem Regime, 2002, Authors: R. O. Brooks, R. Jones and R. A. Virginia
  • Mountain Resorts, Ecology and Law, 2009, Editors: J. E. Milne, J. LaMense, and R. A. Virginia
  • The Law and Ecology or Pesticides and Pest Management, 2013, Author: M. J. Angelo