What Would You Say?

The Dartmouth Academic Commons Education, Outreach and Public Relations Committee, along with the Open Dartmouth Working Group is looking forward to hosting the December 18 workshop called What Would You Say?: Talking about the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy and the Dartmouth Academic Commons. This is the first in a series of workshops for Library colleagues about the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy, the Dartmouth Academic Commons and more.  

[Open repository work at Dartmouth is transitioning. For the most current information about the status of open repository development for the Dartmouth faculty scholarship, please see: https://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/schcomm/DDC.html]

As the development and implementation of the Dartmouth Academic Commons continues, we are working to keep colleagues in the Library up-to-date so that they can answer questions that Dartmouth faculty, students, researchers, and staff might have in the coming months. If you don’t work in the Library, don’t worry! Plans are in-the-works to host workshops geared towards Dartmouth authors and researchers in an effort to bring awareness to those interested in scholarly communication, open access resources, the Dartmouth Open Access Policy and  sharing their scholarly work in the Dartmouth Academic Commons.

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