Open Access Distribution Model Extended to Engineering, Psychology and Social Sciences

The highly successful and long running model of open distribution of scholarly research papers in various forms from “preprints” to “postprints” is being extended to Engineering, Psychology and the Social Sciences. The open source technology is provided by the Center for Open Scosf_iconience through the Open Science Framework.  It is well worth watching to see if researchers in these fields develop PsyArXiv, SocArXiv, and engrXiv to be as critical to their work as is to those in physics, astronomy, mathematics, and computer science.  Dartmouth researchers in these fields make heavy use of to make their work known, to get credit for their findings, to get input on their work, and to share that work broadly.

Librarians can help raise the awareness of these open repositories as options for researchers to share their work and have that work be more easily discovered. As public access to the results of funded research becomes an enforced requirement from funding agencies and foundations, open repositories to help meet those requirements are key components of the research ecosystem. A benefit of the aggregated service from OSF, called OSF Preprints, is that the information about the materials is distributed and therefore searchable through the metadata sharing architecture of SHARE. share_icon

Let us know if you are interested in knowing more about how to participate in these approaches to sharing your work using open repositories in your field. 

Scholarly Communication Program at Dartmouth

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