Open Access Week Essay Competition

International Open Access Week (October 23rd- 29th, 2017) is coming to a close, but opportunities to get involved in the open access movement stretch beyond October 29th.  One such opportunity is an essay competition, which is offered collaboratively by Authorea, Know-Center, Digital Science, ScienceOpen, and OpenCon.  Authorea offers a LaTeX writing tool available to Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff and they are extremely supportive of open science initiatives.  

The essay competition is a great opportunity for anyone to share their response to this year’s Open Access Week theme, “Open in order to…”, and have the chance to win a cash prize! Below is a statement from Authorea about the essay competition and how to participate:  

“The theme of this year’s Open Access Week is “Open in order to …” It is an invitation to answer the question: what concrete benefits can be realized by making scholarly research outputs openly available? Submitted posts should be of no more than 750 words and should tell us what drives you towards open practices. What does openness help you to achieve that you couldn’t do otherwise? The deadline for submission is the November 10 at 17.00 CET. All submissions will be posted online on the OpenCon portal in conjunction with the kick-off of the main OpenCon event.”

Submit your essay

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