Dartmouth Funded Open Access Article “Went Viral”

The Dartmouth Open Access Fund supports the publication of articles that can be read by anyone, regardless of ability to pay for subscription access. 

A recent paper supported by this fund has received a lot of media attention, according to an article on the Dartmouth News of March 9th 2018.  Authored by Julia Dressel, Dartmouth class of 2017, and Professor of Computer Science Hany Farid, the paper is titled “The accuracy, fairness, and limits of predicting recidivism“, and it was published in Science Advances, a fully open access journal from the AAAS. 

The publication uses Altmetric as a metrics service to track several kinds of uses of the articles.  A view of that today displays the amount of attention this article has received in the news globally. 


The article is posted in Dartmouth’s Open Dartmouth repository for faculty open access articles.  Professor Farid has also contributed to the Open Dartmouth poster series, offering this quote:

“It is, of course, always best for scientists to publish their work in Open Access journals so that the public has free and unfettered access to the latest scientific results. In the case of Julia Dressel’s thesis work, this was particularly true because her work on the accuracy and fairness of predicting recidivism has real and immediate implications to the public and to public policy.”

Please let us know if you have questions about using the Dartmouth Open Access Fund, participating in the Open Dartmouth poster series, and having your work included in the Dartmouth Digital Commons open repository. 

Barbara DeFelice and Jen Green

Scholarly Communication, Copyright and Publishing Program


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