Dartmouth Digital Commons: Share your work!

In October 2017, the Library and the Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing Program launched Dartmouth Digital Commons, which is place for sharing a Dartmouth’s scholarly output with the world. Dartmouth Digital Commons (DDC) can accommodate many different types of materials and collections, but one collection that is quickly growing on DDC is the Open Dartmouth:  Faculty Open Access Articles collection.  This collection exists as a place to implement the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access policy, which offers Dartmouth Faculty in the Thayer School of Engineering, the Geisel School of Medicine, and the Arts and Sciences the opportunity to share their published articles openly with the world.  While the open access policy opens more doors for sharing, publishers still have the right to restrict which version of an article is shared by Dartmouth through DDC.  Reviewing our rights to share articles on DDC is a major part of the work that we do within the Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing Program, especially as we search for Dartmouth scholarship and add it to the Open Dartmouth collection.  Although we have ways to find and add Dartmouth faculty scholarship to DDC,  we enthusiastically accept individual submissions from faculty who would like to share their publications in DDC.

Dartmouth faculty can do this in three easy steps:

  1. Click on “Submit Work” on the Open Dartmouth: Faculty Open Access collection page, and enter the faculty NetID where it says “Login.”
  2. Complete the form’s required fields and attach a copy of your article at the bottom of the form.
  3. Click “Submit”and relax.  Faculty authors don’t need to worry about whether they have the rights to share the article.  The article comes directly to the Scholarly Communication Program, and we research the rights on each author’s behalf before it is posted online.  If we need a different version, we will reach out and ask the author for one.  If it’s ready to share, faculty are notified via email when it becomes openly available on DDC.

While the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access policy does not apply to all members of the campus community, there are other collections on DDC that make it possible to share a variety of student and staff works. These include Chemistry lectures, Library staff publications, and student-led journals.  Please browse and learn more about these other collections on Dartmouth Digital Commons. If you would like to learn more about finding, using, and creating collections on Dartmouth Digital Commons, please contact:

Jen GreenDigital Scholarship Librarian

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