ORCID Project

What is ORCID and how is it relevant to scholars and scholarship at Dartmouth?

ORCID is “an open, non-profit, community-driven effort to create and maintain a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers.”

Is your name John Smith? If it is, how do you make it easy for readers, grant funders, and publishers to distinguish your work from every other John Smith. That’s one example, but below are some other reasons.

Unique identifiers like ORCID help:

  • Make sure that you get credit for your work
  • Enable you to keep track of and report your work with funders, publishers, and institutions
  • Make it easier for you and colleagues to quickly and accurately find your scholarly work
  • Make your data available for use as you generate your CV and participate in repositories like the Dartmouth Academic Commons.

Five IMPORTANT steps you should take when you create your ORCID:

1.  Set your ORICD up by using your dartmouth.edu email address.
ORCID email setting copy




 2.  Make your ORCID profile public as well.

make ORCID public copy



3.  Add variants of your name before you link other systems to your ORCID.
ORCID name variants copy







4.  Allow trusted organizations to link your ORCID with your scholarly record.
ORCID trusted orgs copy








5.  Accept email invitations from trusted organizations that you’ve linked to your public record.

autoupdate email copy

Jen Green is available to meet with you, chat with you, and help you create an ORCID. This is an important action to you as the scholar and to Dartmouth’s ability to preserve and provide access to your scholarly output.