The Dartmouth Digital Commons

What is the Dartmouth Digital Commons?

The Dartmouth Digital Commons (DDC) provides access, preservation, and management over the long term for digital content created by members of the Dartmouth community. DDC is the repository for fulfilling the intent of the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy.  The Council on the Libraries, composed of faculty, administrators and students at Dartmouth, is the key advisory group from the Dartmouth community for policies related to the development of DDC.

What will I find in the Dartmouth Digital Commons?

The materials deposited in DDC reflect the intellectual output of Dartmouth faculty, researchers, staff, and students, and is educational, scholarly, or research-oriented in nature. The first phase of deployment is focused on journal articles written by faculty, as well as ancillary materials, such as diagrams and photos. In later phases, content will include working and conference papers, technical reports, video, audio, and theses. If you need a repository at Dartmouth for the results of funded research such as articles, DDC will be a good solution.  See the Data Management Plans guide for lists of data repositories.

Why should I participate in DDC when I already participate in ResearchGate and

Participating in DAC does not preclude your participation in academic social networking sites. There are services that DAC will provide that sites like cannot. The University of California’s Scholarly Communication Office has written an article that explains the differences clearly:
“A social networking site is not an open access repository.”

Services that DAC will provide:

  • DDC represents Dartmouth’s commitment to long-term preservation of and access to Dartmouth’s scholarly output.
  • DDC will fulfill the goals of the Dartmouth Open Access Policy by making scholarly work available freely, without subscription to a wide audience.
  • DDC will allow scholars to bulk export their citations and content for personal use and reporting. Social networking sites do not offer this.

Who’s working on developing DDC?


  • Jen Green, Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Additional Dartmouth staff work on other aspects of the project.