Open Symposium: “Teaching Shakespeare”

at Dartmouth College, Haldeman 041

October 17 – 18, 2014

Organized by Jonathan Crewe, Leon Black Professor of Shakespearean Studies, Dartmouth




Shakespeare’s preeminence in the Anglophone canon has long made teaching his works a central and distinct undertaking of English Departments and of literary educators more generally. This symposium will bring together preeminent Shakespeareans, representing different academic generations and institutions, to reflect on the history and current fortunes of this major enterprise: they will bring to bear their own extensive experience as teachers of Shakespeare as well as their knowledge of the field and its history.  While this topic may be of primary interest to teachers and students of Shakespeare, the teaching of Shakespeare remains a centerpiece of education in the humanities from middle school through college. The symposium is therefore meant to appeal to educators and students throughout the humanities and even beyond them, since so many non-humanities students nevertheless study Shakespeare.



Sponsored by the Leslie Center for the Humanities, The English DepartmenT, The Leon Black Chair of Shakespearean Studies, DEAN OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, Dartmouth College