2013 Snowflake_300x300 Welcome to the site for Dartmouth Ski Team discipline news!  This site features each of our team’s related news and updates. Visit the team of your choice for further information. Our official website will be on the Skiing page at DartmouthSports.com, where you can find press releases, team rosters, and historical records.

We see the Dartmouth Ski Team as the preeminent leader in the sport of skiing. We are committed to pursuing excellence at all levels of our sport, both as individuals and as a team. We challenge ourselves to be leaders of character, exhibiting championship behavior and acting with integrity, respect, and courage.

The mission of the Dartmouth Ski Team is to be the best intercollegiate ski program in the country in order to develop outstanding skiers and leaders for life.

Excellence     |     Perseverance     |     Unity