Uphill Travel Policy

Dartmouth Skiway is private property, with the exception of the Appalachian Trail Corridor at the top of Holt’s Ledge and an AT/USFS easement thru the property on Winslow. As a courtesy to the community, the Skiway permits uphill travel on trails, with the following conditions and recommendations. (See the definition of ‘uphill travel’ in the section below.) So that we may continue to extend this privilege, your cooperation is necessary.

Management rights: Management reserves the right to deny uphill travel/climbing access at any time or to any individual. The Skiway does not guarantee rescue services will be available; you may be responsible for the cost of your rescue. Please check in at Guest Services for daily updated access information.

Area Use Tickets: All uphill travel guests must check in at Guest Services prior to heading up the slopes. All guests using Skiway trails must possess a valid daily ‘Area Use Ticket’, which costs $5 and may be purchased between 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Purchase of this ticket does not permit lift use. No check-in, except for daily conditions/directions, no sign-out is required. A printed copy of this policy is available at Guest Services in the McLane Family Lodge.

Uphill travel during the operating season: Skinners/shoers must ask for information regarding the status of the area they wish to use. Uphill travel is permitted only during lift operating hours, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., only on an OPEN and designated slope/trail, using the edges of trails, using caution during ascent, and crossing trails with extreme care as needed. Please minimize your impact and avoid ‘post-holing’ or disturbing groomed trails. Climb only at the sides of the trail, and keep out of Skiway lift/maintenance buildings. Permitted trails to summits are typically Papoose or MD when available, other trails as designated. If one ‘side’ of the Skiway is operating and the other closed, ‘skinners’ may use the closed side  only if there is no snowmaking, grooming or other activity occurring. Skinners/shoers must ask for information regarding the status of the area they wish to use. No lift ticket is necessary; no rescue is available.

Uphill travel after the operating season: At the end of our operating season, the area can be accessed at will. NOTICE: rescue or other assistance is not available in the ‘off-season.’ Additionally, personnel, snow machines, snowmaking and grooming equipment, and marked and unmarked hazards both natural and man-made, may be present at any time. Stay clear of any and all snowmaking components, pipes, guns, hydrants, hoses, lift equipment, lift/maintenance buildings, etc. Conditions will vary greatly; use good judgement.

Visitors to the Nunnemacher Cabin may hike to the cabin without an area use ticket via the Appalachian Trail. If visitors skin or snowshoe up an open ski trail to Nunnemacher, an area use ticket is required. Please park near the ‘hiking/parking’ sign and not in the Skiway main lots. Back-country PE program participants will be provided a complimentary Area Use Ticket, only by previous arrangement.