Dartmouth Graduate Students and Spouse/Partner Program

2019-2020 Dartmouth Graduate Students and Spouses/Partner Midweek Group (for ski and snowboard)

This midweek break will help develop your snowsports skills and provide a terrific break from your normal academic rigors. Open to graduate students and their spouses or partners.

  • The 8 week program begins the week of Jan. 6 (classes will not be held Feb. 17 to 21).
  • Sessions are 1½ hours in duration, and are held Fridays 1:45 to 3:15 pm.
  • Lift access is not included for each program participant.
  • Equipment is available to rent, but is not included in the program cost.
  • Registration is limited.

Schedule a lesson by calling 603-795-2143, ext. 125 or for additional information email the Snowsports School.