Fall 2014:

October 28, 2014: Robert Baum gave a presentation of two articles on slavery in African societies


November 8, 2014: Gilder Lehrman Center annual slavery studies conference, “Visualizing Slavery and British Culture in the Eighteenth Century”

Winter 2015:

February 12, 2015:  Met to discuss S. Newman, A New World of Labor: The Development of Plantation Slavery in the British Atlantic


March 12, 2015: Harald Feuss (Harris), discussed two articles on slavery in Japan


Spring 2015:

Met to discuss a paper by Kristopher Ray, Visiting Associate Professor in Native American Studies on arguments about slavery in American courtroom argument in the nineteenth century.


May 13, 2015: Professor Walter Johnson (Harvard) “What is Wrong with Saying Slavery ‘Dehumanized’ Black People.”

Sponsored by: Departments of Classics, History, and African and African American Studies