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FAQs – Clients

We have provided answers to the common client queries below. If you have a different query, please feel free to contact us.


Q: Is there a limitation to the number of client project submissions per cycle?
A: We encourage organizations to submit between 1-3 projects per cycle. Please keep in mind that the projects must be short-term i.e., to be completed over a 2 month period.

Q: If a project isn't chosen, can it be resubmitted during a future cycle?
A: Yes, projects can be resubmitted during future cycles, but we recommend a consultation with our executive team to review the project and recommend any improvements or clarifications.

Q: Our organization is not 501(c)3, can we still apply for a project?
A: Though we work primarily with nonprofit organizations, we do make exceptions to support businesses with a mission related to benefiting the community. Please contact us to learn whether your organization qualifies.

Q: Can we choose the consultants to work on our case?
A: The Executive Board interviews each candidate and assigns them to projects on the basis of their capabilities and interest. If you have a preference, you can inform the board, but there is no guarantee as the project might not be of the volunteers' prime interest.

Q: Will we be allowed to interact with the consultants? How often?
A: The Executive Board encourages client-consultant interaction to develop a better understanding of the issue. The number of meetings a month varies from client to client. In the past, there has been an average of 1-2 client meetings per month.