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Our consultants at Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group have identified some key areas of business optimization which are applicable to every organization, including nonprofits and young businesses. Our services are tailored to address these common issues; however, with the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our consultants, we encourage clients to approach us with any challenges specific to their organizations.


Strengthening Brand Awareness

In order for a business to be successful, its services need to be conveyed to the right audience. Our team has developed  structured methods to help you promote your organization's mission. Our strategies include an analysis of your organization's brand, as well as a specific and detailed approach for improving brand recognition among potential customers.

Social Impact Analysis

Social impact is a key concern for many nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Understanding customer needs can help each organization tailor its services to make a significant difference in its community. We are here to help you assess the significance of your organization's role in society. Additionally, we can offer you with a roadmap to reach your social impact goal..

Technical Assessment

Technology is changing rapidly with better ways to store information, manage projects, and network with the community. Our experienced technical staff can support you in implementing the most efficient technology for your business.


Maximizing Operational Efficiency

With optimized operations, businesses can do better for less. Our team is equipped to run a full assessment of your current operational efficiency, and identifying key areas in need of improvement. Some common areas of improvement include prioritization, budgeting, resource allocation. We are here to help your organization function effectively and efficiently..

Strategy Development for Sustainability.

Changes in the business environment require organizations to adapt and realign their goals with those of the community. Whether the economy fluctuates or your customers develop new needs, we can help develop a strategy for sustaining your business to stay on top.  Our consultants are ready to assess the status of your operations in relation to the external business environment and formulate plans to help update your systems to adapt.

Strategy Development for Fundraising

Fundraising is an art! Our consultants have valuable fundraising and event management experiences in a variety of fields. We will work with you to develop a feasible fundraising plan to help meet your long-term and short-term needs by evaluating various funding opportunities as well as developing strategies for effective publicity and securing sponsorships.*

Strategy Development for Expansion

Growth can mean many things such as broadening its mission, adding locations, increasing resources, or offering new services. Our consultants can assess your organization's growth potential and help identify where and how to grow. Our past projects have helped clients assess the factors involved with business expansion and develop strategies for a structured and targeted expansion..

*(Note: Our consultants cannot directly participate in fundraising, but can assist you with strategy development). **We do not claim rights to any of the images.