Hi Friends! Below you can find the schedule of events for this upcoming week’s events:


Speaker on Eating Disorder: Kara Richardson-Whitley 

12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Paganucci Lounge


Manifestations of Mental Health 

6:00-7:30 pm

Collis Commonground 


Tabling Outside Rocky 

Giving out free pizza and garlic knots with information about responsible drinking habits

10:00 PM-11:30 PM

Rocky Overhang


Mental Health Fair

12:00 pm-4:00 pm 

Collis Commonground

Hello all, welcome to our new Student Assembly website! This website is just the beginning of a number of changes Student Assembly is undergoing this year. We have a great team hard at work improving this website, so keep coming back to check out our progress!

The following post will discuss perhaps the most important overhaul Student Assembly is making: restructuring Student Assembly so that it can become a representative, democratic, and transparent student government.

Sally and I are prepared to overthrow the corrupted and incompetent structure of Student Assembly as it has existed in the past. We are determined to reform our student government, but we need your help.

In past years, the elected President and Vice-President could decide the personnel, size, and goals of the entirety of Student Assembly at their discretion. The President and Vice-President were under no obligation to form an inclusive, and accountable Assembly. Sally and I believe that this is a fundamentally flawed model for our student government. Such government that does not require real representation is far from democratic. Instead, it breeds nepotism, patronage, and prevents a diversity of ideas from ever entering the discussion. Sally and I are here to clean house on this outdated and corrupt model of student government.

Sally and I have made it our #1 priority to restructure Student Assembly so that we can give it the tools and infrastructure necessary to address critical issues on campus. You can see some more details of our plan in the “Structure” page of this website in the About section.

This year, in conjunction with Housing community elections, students will have the opportunity to elect SA representatives through their housing system. Each House will elect three representatives. These representatives will then come together to form the Student Assembly Senate. All spending, proposals, and reports will go through the Senate.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.14.22 AM

Over the next few weeks, we are asking you to take serious thought in running to be a representative on Student Assembly. The idea of competing in an election can be intimidating- Sally and I know personally. But we encourage you to act on your convictions and take the initiative. We promise it will be a rewarding decision.

Students that do not wish to compete in an election will also be able to apply to be an associate representative. These students will not have official voting power, but they will have the ability to affect positive change in the areas they are most passionate about.

Our goals for Student Assembly will not be achieved without your help. We need students who care about this community. We need students who truly believe their ideas can further progress on this campus. Sally and I will do everything we can to achieve that progress, but we cannot do it alone. By dedicating time to Student Assembly, we can work to create the change on this campus that students have been calling for. Together we can seek out effective solutions across a range of issues, whether it be student rights, affordability, academic opportunity, exclusivity, mental health, sexual assault resources, etc. There will be a place for you in Student Assembly.

Nick Harrington ’17- Student Assembly President