Student Publishing Fair

The Student Publishing Fair is usually early in Winter term in Baker or Berry Library.  The fair provides a view of student publishing across campus, highlights of student publishing over the centuries, and support for student editors, publishers and writers on issues like copyright and tools like InDesign and the Dartmouth Digital Commons publishing system. It is a chance to hear from students themselves why they engage in this time intensive, rewarding, experiential learning activity.

Student led publishing includes a wide range of outlets for student work.

Presenting at the 2018 Student Publishing Fair:

  1. Apologia
  2. Black Praxis
  3. Clamantis: the MALS journal
  4. The Dartmouth Business Review
  5. The Dartmouth Medical Journal
  6. The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science
  7. Echo
  8. Humbug
  9. World Outlook
  10. The Stonefence Review
  11. Digital Commons, professional publishing system to increase your readership
  12. InDesign with Jones Media Center experts
  13. Student Journals Past and Present
  14. DCAL Experiential Learning Seed Grants and Stamps Scholars Program

Participants engaged in different ways:

  • Learned how to improve publishing, editing, reviewing and writing, through using the Dartmouth Digital Commons publishing system and InDesign!
  • Learned about the features of a publishing system that enables greater visibility for Dartmouth student work!
  • Learned how student publishing over the centuries reflects on their concerns at the time through materials from Rauner on display!
  • Brainstormed ideas for new publications and entered a raffle!
  • Enjoyed refreshments and conversations with others involved with publishing!  snowflake_white

See photos and read about the 2016 fair in Elli Goudzwaard’s article DCAL’s Student Led-Publishing: Experiential Learning 


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