Student Publishing Fair 1/11/17

The Student Publishing Fair on Wednesday January 11th from 3-6 pm in the Baker Library Main Hall, West end was fabulous!   The fair provided a view of student publishing across campus, highlights of student publishing over the centuries, and support for aspiring student editors, publishers and writers. Many people across campus heard from students themselves why they engage in this time intensive, rewarding, experiential learning activity.

See photos and read about it in Elli Goudzwaard’s article DCAL’s Student Led-Publishing: Experiential Learning 

10 student journals and magazines were represented. Student led publishing includes a wide range of outlets for student work. Presenting at the Fair were:

  1. Clamantis: the MALS journal
  2. The Dartmouth Apologia
  3. The Dartmouth Business Journal
  4. The Dartmouth Law Journal
  5. The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science
  6. Humbug
  7.  Mouth
  8. Standpoints
  9. Stonefence Review: Dartmouth’s Premier Journal of Arts and Letters, Est. 1980
  10. World Outlook
  11. DCAL Experiential Learning
  12. Library Resources  and Publishing System
  13. Student Journals Past

Participants engaged in different ways:

  • Learned how student publishing over the decades (even centuries) reflects on their concerns at the time through materials from Rauner was on display. For an example, see the Rauner post on one notable journal
  • Learned how student publishing efforts are part of Dartmouth’s broader vision for encouraging active, immersive, reflective learning experiences. Talk to the leaders of the DCAL Experiential Learning Initiative about opportunities to engage with that program.
  • Students chose workshops that they want to attend in the Winter and Spring terms to help improve your publishing, editing, reviewing and writing
  • Students helped develop the components of a “hack your journal” unconference that will be produced at Dartmouth in Spring term
  • Explored the features of the publishing system that would enable greater visibility of Dartmouth student work
  • Enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate!snowflake_white

This educational event is supported by a grant from the DCAL Experiential Learning Initiative Program (DCAL ELI).


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