Workshops for students currently involved in a student led publication, or interested in starting a student led publication or reviving one include these.  Let us know if you would like a workshop customized to your publication!

      1. Best Practices for Student Led Publishing at Dartmouth
        You’ve told us that you want to increase visibility, legitimacy, and readership of your journals. At this workshop, you’ll learn about best practices and develop actions for your publication to achieve these goals.
      2. Using Dartmouth Digital Commons for your publication
        Learn how this new publishing system and open repository can help you gain readers and visibility, understand the impact of your work, and establish your editorial practices to make it easy to transition editorial boards.
      3. Using InDesign for layout of your materials
        This workshop, organized and taught by experts in the Jones Media Center,will focus on what you need to know to prepare professional quality copy.
      4. Copyright and Author Rights
        Authors, editors, and publication managers will learn how to respond to questions from authors, contributors, and editors such as: “Can I republish this image in my article?” “When I publish in your journal or magazine, who owns my work?”
      5. Deciding What to Publish
        Develop or refine your journal’s editorial review policies and practices with help from editorial experts in your subject area.  Develop plans for successful editorial and management transitions.
      6. Individual Journal Consultations  Your choice date/time/place
        We’ll consult with your publication’s people (authors, editors, publication managers, advisers, etc.) to help you achieve your specific goals. Email Jen Green and/or Laura Barrett to tell us when your team meets, and we’ll come to you. This is an opportunity to learn more about the digital publishing system for those interested, discuss options for printing and more!