Meet this year’s Teaching Science Fellows in Biology & Chemistry and Program Director:

Miranda Greig ’19 (Biology), Victoria Nedder ’20 (Biology & Chemistry),                    Nick Samel ’20 (Chemistry), and Dr. Lee Witters (Program Director)

We’re recent Dartmouth grads who partner with the faculty of introductory biology and chemistry classes to make them more accessible to all students, regardless of science background. We want to see all students succeed in STEM!

Beyond academic support, we’re here as a resource on how to thrive at Dartmouth—how to study, how to manage your time, and how to make the most of everything available here. We’re familiar with the ins-and-outs of college life and the challenges involved, so come talk to us!

Classes we work with:

  • Miranda:
    • Biology 12 (fall and spring)
    • Biology 13 (summer and winter)
    • Biology 19 (fall)
  • Victoria:
    • Chemistry 52 (summer)
    • Biology 14 (fall)
    • Chemistry 5 (winter)
  •  Nick:
    • Chemistry 52 (summer)
    • Chemistry 5 (fall and winter)
    • Chemistry 6 (spring)

After working with the TSF, I finally started grasping whole concepts and learning where I could improve my study skills.     − Danielle, Bio 13

I am really grateful that the TSF made extra time to help me with study tips and with understanding the material when I was struggling.     − Patricia, Chem 52

I was able to rebound from a couple of low test scores thanks to the wonderful support of the TSF!     − Edwin, Bio 13

Want to reach us? Email us at Miranda.Marie.Greig@Dartmouth.edu and/or Victoria.Joanna.Nedder@Dartmouth.edu and/or Nicholas.Sung.Samel@Dartmouth.edu, or stop by our office, LSC 123! We look forward to meeting you!