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🔖VoiceThread Now Available

VoiceThread is now available to everyone at Dartmouth.

What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread, a web application, is a learning tool for enhancing student engagement and online presence. With VoiceThread, instructors and/or students can create, share, and comment on images, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload. VoiceThread has a devoted following in language instruction, especially.

How can I access VoiceThread?

Any Dartmouth user can log into VoiceThread at You will be asked to authenticate with your NetID and password, and Duo – just as is the case for other web services. Note: If you already have a VoiceThread account associated with your Dartmouth email, your first login will require an additional step (email verification). That’s a one-time occurrence. If you have an existing VoiceThread account tied to another email address (e.. your personal email account) – you can either keep that as a separate account, or merge it into your Dartmouth account, and move your content to the Dartmouth instance. Contact for assistance with that “merge”.

What other help is available?

VoiceThread has a good selection of short basic tutorials available. Watch them – and try it out! Get started here:

VoiceThread & Teaching at Dartmouth

We are putting together a session on best practices, and effective teaching with VoiceThread – a session focused on pedagogy, not the technology how-to. Are you currently using VoiceThread, or know others who do? Please contact – we’d love to have your input and help for this session! Let’s come together as a community of teachers!