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Zoom Change: Password Requirement

Beginning on Thursday, June 18, all newly scheduled Zoom meetings and webinars at Dartmouth will have a password applied by default and that password will be embedded in the meeting link. This new security precaution will be forced by Zoom later this summer so we are applying it early to preclude disruption during the term.

If you share a meeting link - for example, via Canvas for classes or by email - your participants will experience no change. When they click the link they will enter the Zoom meeting because the password is embedded. No new steps.

Later this summer Zoom will also be requiring meeting passwords for previously scheduled recurring meetings that do not already have them. We will advise as we learn more about the timing and impact of this change.

Given that Zoom will likely be implementing changes in the middle of term, if your course or regular business relies on previously scheduled recurring meetings (but not personal meeting rooms), please consider adding a password now so that you won't need to worry about responding to this later. To learn how, please visit


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